So Delhi Celebrated Select City Walk’s 10th Birthday

select city

Select City Walk, a benchmark mall for premium and luxury brands market in India, turned 10 yesterday, So Delhi, a local travel guide for the city, celebrated it with the sundowner confluence. With various interactive sessions by insta-famous fashion, lifestyle, food and parenting bloggers, the event was an enriching experience, enlightening with various insights into blogging mechanism.

The sessions revolved around the following focal points of interaction:

  • Methodology to gain followers
  • How to do business with brands and suitable time to start paid associations
  • Blog as the centre of the universe of content and associated sustainability

The celebrations held guests tenaciously with a wide variety of gooey foods like chicken bites, waffles, brownies, baos and mood uplifting ice-cream bowls. A blazing bar at the corner and a top view made it a worthwhile experience.

Event started with the panel discussion around how make your blog success and hacks to keep in mind while running blog with Komal and Mehak Ghai as one of the panelists. Coco Queen around the growth of the blogs and how important to have a website rather just having insta handle.


A quick quiz session about Game of Thrones and FRIENDS got all the guests excited and thrilled.

Sid from MCSID grabbed eyeballs with a live wrapping session while connecting with the audience.

Around a dozen brands partnerd with So Delhi for the goodie bags for the guests and today the posts are floating all over Instagram around these goodie bags.

We look forward to the next confluence by So Delhi

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