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Delhi Smog: Measures to Protect Yourself Against Air Pollution


Our capital is witnessing highest level of air pollution of the season and its going to continue to increase in the coming days. Government has already declared  it as an emergency. Schools are going to be shut for 1 week and doctors are suggesting to avoid outdoor activities however, its easier said than done.

So here are few measures which can be adopted to control the adverse effects of air pollution on our health.

Smog and pollution in Delhi NCR

First and the most important step is to wear a mask throughout the day. Its crucial since  one can feel the bad air and smog even inside homes. People are commonly facing breathing problems , headache or  burning sensation in the eyes. A simple mask can save us from a long term disease or major health hazards.


As government suggests,  avoid morning and evening walks since pollution level is very high during this time specificly.

From the diet perspective, including jaggery, commonly known as gudh in your meal can help keep conjunction away from lungs and will help to fight from breathing problem.

To avoid burning eyes,  minimize the time which you spend outdoors and keep your doors and windows close.

Also keep yourself away from meat and fatty food. Try to include more fresh vegetables and fruits in your meals.

Drink herbal ginger and tulsi tea in your daily routine every morning to make your immune system strong.

Spraying cold water on street outside your house can help reduce the pollution levels. It will also help to decrease the amount of dust particles in environment.

To monitor the air pollution levels, you can download the apps which will help you with real time data of pollution.

Naveen, a city photographer from The Hindu and HT shared a picture on Instagram saying, “An NDMC Fire Service Van was spraying water on trees and pavements in Central Delhi to check the dust pollution. Delhi is fighting with heavy smog due to various reasons from past one week.

Delhi Fire Service director, GC Mishra said that the effect of water sprinkling was limited but even If pollution levels came down marginally because of the sprinkling, they were happy to contribute. (Quote from Hindustan Times) 11th November, 2017, Delhi, India.

A long term method which government can adopt to decrease pollution is through the implementation of electric vehicles in the fore-coming years. With innovative brands like Twenty Two Motors which has recently launched a smart electric scooter, enabled with Artificial Intelligence, electric vehicles are the future and the country should adapt this technology fast and fiercely.

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