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Unusual ways of having BEER in your food


One of the most loved alcoholic beverage in the world, yes! We are talking about beer. It is the oldest and the most widespread alcoholic drink in the world made from malted cereal (principally barley), flavored with hops which gives beer its distinctive slightly bitter taste, sugar, yeast and water.

The taste of beer is mainly bitter and yeasty due to hops and yeast and the mouthfeel being fizzy and refreshing due to its carbonation. Being the third most popular drink around the world after water and tea it has got to have experiments done with it. Since being an alcoholic beverage there are quite a few cocktails in which beer is used as a principle ingredient like Coronarita (overturned corona beer bottle draining into a margarita), Dog’s nose (made from beer and gin) and many more. Though, the most unusual way of having beer would be to have it in your meal as an ingredient of a dish. So, we bring you the top 5 ways in which you can have beer in your food (don’t worry, they all have been tried and tasted).

Beer Soup

Yes! There exists a beer soup and it surprisingly has a lot of experiments done with it (beer and cheddar soup, potato and beer soup, beer and bread soup, beer bacon and cheese soup) and they all taste amazing.
A soup usually has a base of stock (meat or vegetable) while in this soup in majority of the recipes has a part of beer added to the stock while preparing the soup with the addition of flavors. The thickening agent usually is roux (cooked mixture of equal parts of flour and butter), potatoes or bread. The stock provides the meaty taste to the soup and addition of cream and cheese gives it a creamy mouthfeel.



What is better than a cheese dip? A beer and cheese dip obviously! It has the goodness of beer and cheese and it is super easy to make with all the ingredients easily available. It surely is a good take on the regular cheese dip. If you want to impress your friends you can certainly use this cheese dip for a fondue and be happy with all the appreciation coming your way.


Beer Can Chicken
If you have ever had a roasted chicken and have instantly fell in love with it then this variation of roasted chicken is a must try for you. As the name suggests the recipes actually calls for the use of half full beer can and carefully placing the chicken over the can in its hollow cavity giving the impression of chicken sitting on the beer can.

The basic idea of this recipe is to use beer for the moistness of the meat, while roasting due to the high temperatures the beer evaporates and steams into the meat through the cavity which also imparts flavor to the meat. This process adds on to the juiciness of the meat making it an experience worth remembering and if you prefer barbeque over an oven then don’t worry, there are recipes for barbecued beer can chicken as well, which are quite easily available and if you want the favour of beer to be more prominent, you can always add half can of beer in the marinade.


Beer Batter.jpg
Ever had fish and chips which are so good that you can’t stop eating them? Well if you have then the reason for their amazing taste and texture is mainly beer. Beer, when added to a batter, makes the batter light and airy because it simultaneously adds carbon di oxide and foaming agents which are already present in it.


When the batter hits the hot oil, the high temperature causes the bubbles in the batter to puff up which results in the expansion of the coated batter mix giving it a crispier texture while slowly cooking the food inside.
Yes! Now you finally know the secret to those crispy fried fish, fried chicken or fried onion rings.


Beer and Bacon Jam
Beer jam or beer jelly is a jam made from beer (DUH!) as the primary ingredient and can either be sweet or savory. The concept of beer jam is so good that there are companies that commercially produce it. Its consistency can vary from jelly like to syrupy and its use is quite diversified ranging from being used in cocktails to a glaze or topping. And bonus! It satisfies your sweet tooth as well.

The sweet version of beer jam tastes like beer but with a fruity flavor. If you are roasting any meat, feel free to use beer jam as a glaze which gives the meat a marvelous shine and flavor. While beer jam isn’t easily available in India, it surely is quite easy to make.

So these are our top 5 ways of incorporating beer in daily meal while there are plenty more to explore.
Note: An important factor to consider is the type of beer being used. Every beer will give a different taste and texture to the final product due to their individual characteristics. However, feel free to experiment with beer and food and who knows? You might just come up with a great way of your own to have beer in food as well.

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  1. This is absolutely brilliant! Especially the beer cheese dip! No doubt about the fact that the chef is well seasoned and knows what he’s talking about! Cheers!


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