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Honest Review: The divine experience at Kylin Experience

Pan Asian Cuisine has gained a great amount of popularity in the Delhi NCR Region. Sushi has become the new phenomenon of the food fashion in India. Kylin Experience, located at the Good Earth Centre, Gurgaon, is another restaurant by the Kylin Group has a huge variety of Asian food.

Dragon Sushi Roll


Sushi is the ultimate Asian food which Kylin Experience presents quite exquisitely. Dragon sushi roll is the best roll we have tasted. It is made with crab stick,  salmon, tuna, avocado and cucumber, topped with a lot of mayonnaise. The presentation is excellent.

Green Chilli and Cucumber with Kylin Special Fruit Punch

Green chilli and cucumber drink is devilish while being very refreshing. The fruit punch is served with a kick of strawberries and peaches.

Green chilli and cucumber drink
Teppanyaki Noodles

This is a real surprise. Order teppanyaki noodles and get it served as fully covered with an egg wrap. When cut through the wrap, noodles pop out. This dish is innovative and light on the stomach.

Deviled Prawns with sticky rice

Deviled prawns are not so devilish, though it tastes good. Going by the name, it could be spicier. Sticky rice and saute vegetables go well with the dish.

Fried Ice Cream Spring Rolls

Simply love the idea of rolling ice cream into spring rolls and frying it, giving a crispy thin crust before the rich cream burst into the mouth.

Chocolate Mahjong

Vanilla ice cream poked by chocolate fudge molds, garnished with chocolate syrup and mint leaves, this dish is a classic.

Raw papaya Salad

This papaya salad is made with raw papaya, peanuts, chilli, vinegar and minced in papaya juice. It is the best brunch dish on the menu.

Outdoor @Kylin Experience

Interiors as well as the exteriors are done in the dark wood theme, giving the restaurant an anglian a look. The service and hospitality is great. Overall we give it eight out of 10.

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