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Honest Review: ShopHouse by Kylin

Kylin group has recently launched a new restaurant, ShopHouse by Kylin. Kylin is all about pan Asian cuisine and so is ShopHouse. Though, this new concept is inspired by the shophouses of South East Asia which served healthy food quickly.


DIY Bowl

Right from entering the place, the ambience was pleasant and inviting.

The star attraction of the menu were the DIY bowls which allow a person to choose from a variety of ingredients as per their taste buds and yet they eat a healthy and filling meal.

Italian Smooch

The drinks offered were fairly good. Italian Smooch had a tangy edge to it.

Lotus Stem with Dry Ginger

This was my favourite dish. Cooked to perfection, Lotus Stem had a huge amount of crunch and dry ginger making the dish reach new levels of crunchiness.

Chips with Stir fried veggies

One of the starters, these side dishes can be a saviour, if you are starving and have just ordered the food.

Tepyanki Noodles

This delicacy is made with shredded chicken which melts into the mouth. Served with love for food, it is surely my favourite type of noodles now.

Shezwan Chicken topped with peanuts

Perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy inside, Shezwan Chicken was garnished with peanuts.

Asparagus Tempura Sushi Roll

This sushi roll is kind of addictive. You might just end up over-eating. (Yeah, I did!)

Spicy Vegetable Sushi Roll
Spicy Vegetable Sushi Roll

The refreshing taste of Spicy Vegetable Roll is worth going to ShopHouse again! This dish is meant for all being a vegetarian one.

Prawn Tempura Sushi Roll
Shanghai Chicken Dimsums

Shanghai Chicken Dimsums left me contented with a unique flavour.


Chicken with Ginger Dimsums
Chicken Basil Dimsums
Chefs @ShopHouse by Kylin
Mango Mousse and Chocolate Mousse

The Mango Mousse was freshening, however chocolate mousse, to our surprise had a kick of coffee flavour. We suggest, due our experience at ShopHouse, the restaurant has earned a lot more visits by us. Overall, we rate the restaurant seven out of ten.

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